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When a family member is suffering from substance use disorder, many of those close to the addict are also affected. You do not have to face addiction alone. Realizing that your family member needs help for their substance use can be overwhelming. Who to call, where to turn and what to do are many of the racing thoughts as time is of the essence. We are here to help you understand the process of helping a loved one that has reached the point of willingness to seek treatment and recovery. We can put you in contact with family members that have been in a similar situation to help you navigate the road to recovery for both yourself and your loved one.

How do I volunteer my time with Brits Gift?
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Brian Bumphus at 210-753-1130
Where do I go for support?
Al-Anon offers support for families who have loved ones who are struggling with addiction.
How can I give my clothes and other products?
Please call our donation hotline 210-753-1130
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